Should You Get A Top Or Front Load Washing Machine?

Are you getting ready to buy a new washing machine for your home, but you are undecided between a top and front load variation? If so, it will help to know the following things before you make a decision.  Cost When you look at the costs of a front and top load washer, know that there is a wide range of price points with all types of models. However, top load washers do tend to be cheaper overall when you are comparing two similar models. [Read More]

When To Have Appliances Repaired Instead Of Replaced

You may not have given much thought to how you really count on your household appliances on a daily basis. However, you probably use them quite a bit. From keeping your foods and beverages cooled in the refrigerator to washing and drying your laundry, there are many things you depend on your appliances to help you with. This is why it's important to keep them in proper working order. If one of your appliances is acting up, then you should have the problem taken care of as quickly as you can, or you can end up making the problems worse or running the appliance to the point it gives out completely. [Read More]

Equipment Needed For A New Laundromat

Wanting to steadily make money and not need to manage a lot of employees may have led you to purchase a commercial building that will be converted into a laundromat. Consider what types of equipment will fit in the space that you have and that will offer your customers several washing and drying options. Coin- And Card-Operated Equipment Washing machines and dryers that are sold through a commercial equipment distributor will either be coin or card-operated. [Read More]

Freezer Case Fog Prevention Tips

Customers may frequently open the doors to the upright freezers displayed in your grocery store, to get a better look at the products that are on display. One of the drawbacks associated with this shopping method is that doors may become covered with fog. Use some of the strategies listed below to aid with preventing the buildup of condensation. Anti-Fog Films Water droplets are often attracted to glass. When droplets are scattered across the glass and continuously come into contact with warmer air than where the droplets originated, a foggy coating can form. [Read More]